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Cliff Kincaid


Cliff Kincaid is a true visionary worker and is recently working as a Mac Network Security Advisor in an IT and Network Security Development Company. His intelligence and of about 7 years of experience and is working as an consistent employee in this company.

He has worked with various Network and Web Proxy Server Development team and has also helped his seniors in creating numbers Mac operating system applications. Now there are being several users of these MAC applications worldwide.Apart from this Cliff Kincaid also keeps interest in researching global hunger issues. He also works to give his view via articles on various topics as well.

Gates Richer


Gates Richer is Managing Director of Software Development Company situated at California. He is responsible for designing, developing and implementation of various software for MAC application.  He works and manages the whole project development team in various countries including India as well.

He hold experience and skills in many programming languages like as Java, C# and .Net and has successfully developed several MAC application programs Oracle and Access databases.

Apart from his work profile and official responsibilities, he has also maintained and managed various  development groups for airline as well as military uses. Using blogger, reading magazines and writing articles on MAC application are some of his personal hobbies.

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